NetExpat offers a range of results oriented and cost-effective services targeting mobile employees and their partners to help them during the whole life cycle of their relocation, from pre-departure to repatriation.

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NetExpat was created 15 years ago to be the instrumental partner of international corporations in easing international mobility by addressing the assessment, training and coaching needs of their global employees. We believe that the "soft" HR aspects of relocating, such as interacting in a new culture, addressing the well-being of the family and assisting spouses in continuing their careers while abroad, contribute to the overall success of an expatriation and, therefore, enhance a company's bottom line. 

Our core values are an intrinsic part of the daily practices of NetExpat's team around the globe: 

  • Focus on Results & Quality - NetExpat’s performance is measured by our candidates' achievements and satisfaction
  • ”Optimistic-Realistic” outlook - never give up, stay positive but have realistic back-up plans
  • Competitiveness - don’t take things for granted, "progress or regress"
  • Knowledge Management & Innovation - paramount in a service company; NetExpat invests in people and systems in order to share accumulated knowledge over time

From its inception, NetExpat has maintained and expanded its leadership in well-defined areas such as Intercultural Training, Dual Career Solutions, coaching of newly-transferred Expats and Repatriation programs. By maintaining this focus, we have developed unsurpassed capabilities in these fields.

As a result, today we are global market leaders in our core offerings: Career & Life Transition Services for Expats & their Partners. As recognition of this, NetExpat has won numerous international HR awards. Our experts are regularly invited to international conferences as keynote speakers, and magazine articles are continually written about our valuable contributions in international mobility.

We are very proud of the long-standing relationship we have established with hundreds of multinational corporations that put their trust in our ability to deliver the highest-quality level of service for the best value at a global level. Additionally, we are continuously reinvigorated by the gratitude of Expats and their Partners who rate our services as "simply vital"

Our geographical presence throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific enables us like no other, to be close to you, your Expats and their Partners.