NetExpat offers a range of results oriented and cost-effective services targeting mobile employees and their partners to help them during the whole life cycle of their relocation, from pre-departure to repatriation.

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For mobile employees, preparing for an international move means much more than learning about the history of the host country and remembering a few "do's and don'ts." Transferees will face a diverse and unexpected set of challenges linked to his or her new job and  the new business environment, and the impact of the move on his or her family. Our Expat Coaching offers a unique space for addressing the assignee's hopes and fears in order to ultimately improve the readiness and self-confidence of your future mobile employees.

Newly-assigned mobile employees will clarify their leadership style, adapt it to local realities and learn how to cope with the challenges associated with relocation shock and new demands on their management skills. By breaking down the barriers that might hold them back, these programs build the solid foundations so crucial to a successful assignment abroad.

These International Talent Management programs are targeted to mobile employees in the broadest sense, whether on a "local +" basis or with full-fledged expat status, and regardless of whether they are on a short- or long-term assignment.

NetExpat brings you years of training and coaching experience and its position as a global market leader to successfully empower your mobile employees in three types of programs (delivered face-to-face in one of the 75 countries covered by NetExpat):

  • Pre-Decision Program: All mobility projects start with sensitive questions for your employees and their family which often cannot be addressed with Human Resources, and can prevent mobility if not properly explored. This program is sensitively facilitated in a confidential atmosphere by NetExpat senior consultants. Once completed, your employees and their partners will have full co-ownership of any future mobility plans you may have for them.
  • Follow-up Coaching: Takes place during their first six weeks of transition - this high added-value coaching assists newly-assigned employees in integrating quickly and seamlessly into their new business environments. Cutting-edge coaching techniques for these mobile employees enhances their productivity, whilst increasing their self-confidence.
  • Repat Program: Takes place at the end of the expatriation cycle upon return to the home country,  when support is unfortunately often underestimated.

Protect your international human capital and join the over 200 international corporations in benefiting from the substantial impact of NetExpat coaching.