NetExpat offers a range of results oriented and cost-effective services targeting mobile employees and their partners to help them during the whole life cycle of their relocation, from pre-departure to repatriation.

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Work permit eligibility for partners in many countries is constantly changing. At NetExpat, we make it a priority to understand the changes that are taking place throughout the world in order to provide the relocating partners we support with the most accurate information available in order to achieve their goals. 

So what can your partners who are relocating to Singapore do when it comes to working in their host country? Interested in learning more? 

  • No automatic right to work in Singapore, but most relocating partners will have an easy work permit application process after finding an employer.
  • Dependant Pass and LTVP holders can apply for “Letter of Consent” work authorization after finding employment. Must be the partner of an Employment Pass holder.
  • Same-sex partners must secure their own Employment Pass (more difficult process). 
  • Self-employment is also possible.


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The United Kingdom surprised the world last week when it voted to leave the European Union. What does Brexit mean for employees on international assignments? In the short-term, expat employees will be largely unaffected. The UK will remain a member of the European Union while it works to meet its obligations under the Lisbon Treaty. There is a two-year deadline for these negotiations, but many experts believe the process will be extended. The longer-term implications of Brexit are more difficult to predict. It is presumed that the Blue Card program for employees transferring to the UK will end. It is likely, though yet to be confirmed, that the United Kingdom will implements its own visa process for highly-skilled workers. For now, Brexit has created more questions than answers.

For a more in depth discussion on what this will mean for your expat partners, join us at the next Global HR Think Tank on July 19th at 2pm CEST, 8am EDT, 8pm CST/SGT as Fragomen presents Impact of Brexit on Expat Partners.


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NetExpat has now expanded its reach to 72 countries worldwide with the addition of the Dominican Republic where we now offer our full range of face-to-face coaching programs. When it comes to your expats and their partners, don't underestimate the importance of your service provider being present in the countries where you are sending your mobile employees. Local expertise is paramount when it comes to providing successful support to your expats and their partners. NetExpat prides itself on our in-country support and face to face delivery resulting in one of the highest satisfaction rates in the industry. 


We are thrilled at the level of interest shown in our Best Practices Event Series and would like to announce that our event in Shanghai, co-facilitated by Mercer, on July 26th is now fully booked. In the coming months we will be holding additional Best Practices Events in Dubai, Geneva and Singapore. If you are interested in participating in one of our future events, please contact Allison Eckhart at

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