NetExpat offers a range of results oriented and cost-effective services targeting expats and their partners to help them during the whole cycle of international mobility, from pre-departure to repatriation.

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An essential cost-effective and tailored way to ensure that expats are efficiently launched into their new overseas working environment.

This interactive half-day or one-day training program provides the Expat and his or her family with a clear understanding of the local culture, both from a business and social point of view. It also allows the Expat and his or her family time to pose specific questions linked to the local culture to which he or she could not otherwise easily obtain answers. This concise program substantially helps the employee adapt his or her leadership style to the new environment and thus operate to his or her full potential.

NetExpat promotes a unique hybrid approach to cross-cultural support:

  • a concise and convenient half-day or one-day Intercultural Training Program rather than the "classic" multi-day program for which today's Expats do not have the time, combined with
  • a "hands-on" personal coaching program upon arrival in the host country.  

This approach combines the importance of preparatory training with the benefits of host-based coaching working in "real time" as issues arise.

All of our programs are run by HR professionals from NetExpat. Our experts have lived and worked for many years in the host country and therefore have a solid knowledge of the local culture and are sensitive to the challenges of expatriation. Thanks to our international reach, we're delighted to offer these programs in the Home or Host country. Our flexibility allows us to adapt these programs to best fit your Expats' busy schedules.