NetExpat offers a range of results oriented and cost-effective services targeting mobile employees and their partners to help them during the whole life cycle of their relocation, from pre-departure to repatriation.

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Dual career continuity is often cited as a key issue for overseas assignment failure. In this video interview, an Australian relocating spouse discusses some of the challenges she experienced while searching for a job on assignment in the USA and how she overcame them. Partner assistance programs continue to be an important way to support the partners of transferees to ensure successful assignments for everyone concerned.

Are you doing enough to support your relocating partners and in turn support your global mobility and talent management strategies? NetExpat provides free consultative sessions to discuss industry best practices in line with the events we host around and globe and how corporations can offer best in class support for their expats and partners alike. 

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There are a large number of articles in business journals highlighting the usage of Big Data to inform business decisions. Using data analytics is sound practice as decisions made on evidence more than intuition are much more likely to be effective. Therefore for Global Mobility data to be relevant it must begin with and show impact on a business result that matters.

A practical example of this approach is the launch of the Relocating Partner Survey by NetExpat and EY based on the premise that as organisations look to build Inclusion and Diversity into their Talent agenda one of their challenges will be how to ensure talented women will be prepared to travel overseas with a partner who wishes to remain in full time employment. Preliminary feedback indicates that the largest obstacle to women accepting overseas roles is the full time career of their partner. It also identifies that the income of the partner is a significant contribution to the family budget. These Insights now provide the opportunity for Global Mobility professionals to highlight to senior management that if they wish to build deeper Inclusion and Diversity of their female employees they need to address the issue of relocating partner support.

It should also be noted that Science does not advance with isolated studies but with a series of studies, each building on each other to create more rigorous and robust insights. In Global Mobility studies too seldom build on previous work. Global mobility analytics are too often isolated events rather than cumulative building blocks. To combat this problem the Relocating Partner survey is now scheduled to run every 2 years to provide updates on progress and to identify emerging trends in this important area.

For Global Mobility analytics to evolve from being a quick-fix to having sustainable impact, Global mobility professionals needs to focus on the right issues in the right ways and focus on driving business impact. 

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The full impact of Brexit will not become apparent for many years to come, but as we begin to see some of the initial changes that corporations are making due to the passing of the historic referendum, we are already starting to see some trends emerge.

Many London based corporations are in the process of developing their policies for Brexit relocations which will transfer employees to continental Europe. What we are seeing thus far is that many of these moves are considered permanent or local contracts with limited budgets. As a consequence, the additional income from the employees’ spouse is critical for these Brexit relocations as an efficient incentive and key to their future successes.

Interested in learning more about what spousal assistance options may be a good fit for your organization? Download our latest white paper, Facts and Data in Partner Assistance to read more. 

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The new professional skills groups are a recent initiative on the NetExpat Community. The idea is to allow those with specific professional backgrounds to network and connect with others from the same field by sharing information, networking tips, job search advice, industry trends etc. Members can connect with those near them or globally making it another wonderful way for relocating partners and spouses to be supported while on assignment. Interested in learning more about the NetExpat Community? Contact us today to schedule a free Demo.

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Great news for talent management and global mobility! NetExpat's world-class self-assessment tool, the ExpAdviser® will soon boast new capabilities that will provide users with the possibility to discover how they are perceived by their colleagues from other cultures.

The ExpAdviser® continues to be the leading online tool designed to help employees discover their strengths and anticipate challenges when working internationally or within a multicultural team. With the implementation of unique 360° features, ExpAdviser® 360° users can now discover additional cultural gaps thanks to constructive feedback from their foreign colleagues, managers, or business counterparts.

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